Finally, a payroll provider that makes life easier.


Home & Notifications

Never be in the dark. Your home screen shows any relevant notifications from your payroll manager or employee. Don’t miss a thing!

View Employees

View a list of all your employees with all their key information at any given moment.

Employee Files

In case you ever want to take a look at any of your employees’ files, they are all separated for each employee so it’s easy to access.

Manage Time Off

Keep track of any holidays that your employee requests. Long gone are the days searching for emails or messages about the request.

Employer Reports

Ever been wondering how much you owe to HMRC and how much to pay your employees? Your answers now lie at your fingertips.


Home & Notifications

For every new file that is uploaded or a change to your holiday request status, you will get a notification so you can stay in the loop.

View Files

You never have to search through old emails or chase your employer for the documents – all are accessible from anywhere.

Request Time Off

Worried that your busy employer may forget a holiday you mentioned? No worries! Request holidays within the app and get status updates.