Services Terms & Conditions

applying to the provision of services by Tax Done Limited (company no 09705632) (“Tax Done”) to You (the “Customer”)

Services to be provided

1.1 Tax Done agrees to provide the services outlined on the “Letter of Engagement” after both Tax Done and the Customer’s signature having taken place.

1.2 Any changes in the scope of Tax Done’s work must be agreed in writing.


2.1 In consideration for providing the services, Tax Done will charge the fees as outlined on the “Letter of Engagement”.

2.2 Tax Done reserves the right to charge for services provided at the request of the Customer which are outside the scope of the Customer’s agreed level of service on the “Letter of Engagement”.

2.3 No VAT on top of the prices is applicable at this current time (Tax Done is not VAT registered).

2.4 Subject to 2.5 below, Tax Done offers discounts on the monthly fee for each new customer the Customer refer to the monthly accounting service. This discount will apply for the first month that Tax Done receive a full monthly fee from the Customer’s referral. This referral discount is at Tax Done’s discretion, and may not apply if any fee payments due to Tax Done remain unpaid.

2.5 Any overpayment made by the Customer to Tax Done will be refunded to the Customer within the 2 months of discovery of this overpayment, due to the mistake being made by the Customer and not Tax Done.

2.6 Tax Done reserves the right to revise the fees from time to time. Prices already agreed by the Customer cannot be changed for that service more than once every three (3) months.

Confidential Information

3.1 Any advice or documentation provided by Tax Done remains the property of Tax Done. It should not be shown to or discussed with third parties without Tax Done’s prior written consent, or unless required by law.

3.2 Any Customer information disclosed to Tax Done during the course of the services will be kept in confidence and used only for the purpose of providing the services, save only for disclosures made with the Customer’s expressed consent, or otherwise required by law.


4.1 The services provided by Tax Done will be based on information provided by the Customer. Tax Done accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any potentially relevant information not having been disclosed to Tax Done by the Customer.

4.2 Whilst Tax Done may from time to time in good faith offer suggestions for the Customer’s consideration, it remains at all time the sole responsibility of the Customer to seek such independent advice as may be appropriate, before deciding whether or not to implement any such suggestion. The Customer acknowledges and accepts their sole responsibility for the proper and lawful operation and for all their decisions, and that the service offered by Tax Done is substantially not one of providing advice, but of providing ‘back office administration’, implementing instructions of and decisions taken by the Customer. In particular, it is the Customer’s responsibility to determine whether or not they require independent advice on any issue affecting their business, and (if so) to select and consult a suitable expert.

4.3 Each party acknowledges that in entering into this Agreement, it does not rely on, any representation, warranty, or other provision except as expressly provided in this Agreement, and all conditions, warranties or other terms implied by statute or common law are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

4.4 The liability of either party in respect of any claim is limited to the sums paid by the Customer for the services of Tax Done during the period of 12 months immediately preceding the accrual of the cause of action to which the claim relates, except where liability may not lawfully be excluded or limited, and is limited to no more than £500. Each party expressly excludes liability for consequential loss or damage, loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings. Any liability or remedy for innocent or negligent misrepresentation is expressly excluded. Neither party excludes or limits liability for death or personal injury.

4.5 The Customer accepts that the services of Tax Done are priced on the basis that liability is limited as set out in these terms.

Other Points

5.1 Tax Done may sub-contract any of its obligations under this Agreement but shall not be relieved of its obligations thereby to the Customer.

5.2 This Agreement and the “Letter of Engagement” referred to in paragraph 1.1, together with the currently applicable specification for the chosen level of service together constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede and cancels all prior negotiations and agreements in respect of the services.

5.3 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the English law.

5.4 Tax Done reserves the right to change these Services Terms & Conditions as they see fit. The Customer will be emailed in case any changes take place and it will be implied that the Customer accepts to comply with the new Terms & Conditions unless they contact Tax Done to inform of their dissatisfaction with the changes in which case Tax Done reserves the right to terminate any prior agreements and contracts without further notice and no refunds to fees already paid by the Customer to Tax Done will be given.

Contractual Agreement

The Customer and Tax Done will only have formed a formal binding contract to supply accountancy services once all of the following has occurred:

6.1 The Customer and Tax Done sign the “Letter of Engagement” (“Acceptance”). At any time prior to Acceptance, the Customer may cancel or modify the order. But once Acceptance has occurred, the Customer and Tax Done will have concluded a formal binding contract.

6.2 Tax Done will then receive the first payment from the Customer for services agreed previously on the “Letter of Engagement” after issuing an invoice.

6.3 If the above two conditions are not met, Tax Done will not be bound to perform any services requested in the “Letter of Engagement” and you may need to contact Tax Done by telephone or email.

6.4 Tax Done will only commence the work once the initial payment has been received from the Customer and activities in 6.1 to 6.2 have occurred.